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Financial Planning

Engineering your financial life to form a completely integrated strategy.

For most Gotham clients, every aspect of their financial lives is mapped out over time. With a number of specialists in distinct fields of expertise, we carefully coordinate your finances to form a completely integrated strategy that is based on your goals and objectives. Your plan drives all present and future financial-related decision-making.

The Gotham GPS™ Program
A Wealth Management System for Private Clients

Through our Gotham GPS™ Program, Gotham Financial gives you the ability to organize all of your advisors and your assets and consolidate them in the same place at the same time. Imagine a single portal through which all of your financial matters may be managed. You will have your assets, private documents, your financial and estate plan and your retirement and cash flow models in one secure location.

Think of Gotham Financial as your personal CFO, simplifying the demands of managing your wealth in order to enable you to devote time to your business, your personal endeavors and your family.

This platform is the basis for all of the other services Gotham Financial provides to its private clients. It is here that we organize your assets, asset allocation strategies, insurance, and your financial and estate plans — to help simplify, consolidate and coordinate every aspect of your financial future.

Organize, consolidate and integrate your finances:

  • Financial goals/plans
  • Balance sheet/Net Worth statements
  • Asset allocation strategy
  • Account aggregation
  • Cash flow/Retirement Models
  • Tax and legal documents [Wills, Trusts, tax returns]
  • Insurance coverages and summary
  • Estate plan*

Benefits to Gotham clients:

  • Immediate access to all financial related matters in a single location
  • Current information
  • Your accounts and assets are always current
  • Your balance sheets are updated daily
  • Analysis

Your updated financial status is automatically integrated into your comprehensive financial and estate plan, continuously providing you with a meaningful, up-to-date analysis.

For Today

You have unique needs and financial goals and Gotham Financial works with you to customize a plan based on the full range of financial and estate planning issues you are likely to face now and over the course of your lifetime. We evaluate your overall asset allocation to ensure it matches your goals and your tolerance for risk. Using comprehensive financial models, we make sure that nothing is left to chance.

For Tomorrow

Clients also rely on us to help them look ahead to their spending needs at various points in their lives, such as retirement, in light of all sources of income.

Retirement Planning

  • Pension Plans
  • Tax-deferred savings
  • Basic (taxable) savings
  • Social Security

College Education Funding

  • Section 529 plans
  • UGMA/UTMA accounts
  • 2503(c) Trusts

When you become part of our Private Client Group, we work with you closely to help you realize your financial goals.

  • Financial planning
  • Asset allocation**
  • Asset management1
  • Help reduce taxes
  • Preserve assets
  • Protect family
  • Help manage risk
  • Manage cash flow
  • Increase charitable giving
  • Estate planning*
  • Coordinate estate distribution
  • Manage family business succession
  • Maintain control over personal affairs

* Estate Planning done in conjunction with your tax and legal advisor.
**Asset allocation neither assures a profit nor protects against loss in declining markets.
1 By third party institutional managers.