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Group Benefits

Corporate Benefits

Effective benefits management can tilt the executive search and recruiting playing field decidedly in your favor. 

At Gotham Financial Group Benefits, each of our clients is unique and requires an employee benefits package that fits their personal needs. This is where our dedication to knowing your business, your market, and your values become evident.

We maintain an ongoing involvement with your business and benefit programs, providing you with the latest legislation, tax developments, and strategies while offering support and advice when you need it.

We offer an extensive array of products and services that can help you provide your employees with a benefits package that is attractive, yet strives to be cost effective.

Our mission is to provide customized employee benefits plans that fit unique needs of today’s businesses

Most employers understand the value of bringing in professional advisors to explain their benefit programs to their executives. We specialize in this type of corporate communication to the executives, so the benefit programs are a win-win situation for the employer as well as the employees.

Gotham Financial Group Benefits offers an extensive variety of products and services that can help you provide your employees with a benefits package that is attractive and seeks to be cost-effective.

Products include:

1. Health Insurance – Fully Insured and Alternative Funding Plans

2. Group Life and Disability

3. Group Dental and Vision

4. Voluntary Benefit Programs

5. Flexible Spending Accounts

6. Qualified Retirement Plans

Services include:

1. Annual plan review, renewal design and carrier alternatives

2. Periodic claims analysis

3. Benefit surveys

4. On-site employee enrollment meetings

5. Employee Benefit Websites

6. Real Value Statements ( Hidden Paychecks ).

7. Benchmarking data

Gotham Financial offers a full range of support services including training and education. We also provide your employees with the direct access to information they need, when they need it. Our goal is to help your employees fully understand the value of the benefits they are receiving from you.